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Latest Updates:  Smoking - Alexa Nose Exhales!Trampling - CBT in PVC Boots! 

Welcome to my Fetish site! My name is Abbie and mostly I perform of these clips. Of course You can see many other models too!
If You Join, You can see:
- 4 New Smoking Clips/Week!
- SMOKING:      720+ Exclusive FULL HD Videos, 250+ in REAL 3D also!
- TRAMPLING: 150+ Exclusive FULL HD Videos, 120+ in REAL 3D also!
- Over 200 Downloadable PHOTOS
- Over 30 Beautiful Models
- You can DOWNLOAD every videos (High speed downloading!)
- Also can watch them without downloading
- They are playable on Mobile phone, Tablet, PC etc..
Every each video is in more formats
- Every videos are in
Full HD formats, You can choose: MP4, WMV, Mpeg2, MOV.. Or Real 3D also!
- You can Join for 1 month
also, It's NON-Recurring! Of course You can join as many months as You want!
- If You want to buy just 1-2 or a few clips, Click here: Clips4sale

- You can see many kinds of smoking videos!: Normal smoking in clothes, Smoking in sexy lingeries, in LATEX, PVC, Hot topless smoking, Nude smoking, Masturbating; BlowJob; Sex and smoking, Outside and inside smoking, StripTease smoking, Smoking FemDom, Human Ashtray, Cigar Smoking, ETC...
Below You can see
4 trailers from many scenes!
- Other Fetishes: Trampling, Food and object Crush, Foot Fetish..

We are shooting in REAL 3D FULL HD (also)!
You can find already Many of 3D clips on this site, but from now on, we shoot EVERY clips in 3D FULL HD also!

NOT converted 3D, we record it with
Professional 3D Sony Camera! Side by Side technology, It is playable on every 3D Devices, passive and active glasses!


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2014-10-24 23:48:19
Hi Jackson! Many thanks for the suggestions!, I'm on it!!! ;)
2014-10-24 23:44:02
Hi Patrick! Of course I do more and more latex scenes as U see it!.. :) I go to buy very high platform shoes next week! So You will see it! ;)
2014-10-18 15:06:41
Hi Abbie!

Just to let you know, amazing clips! :-) Would be great to see you do a group smoking shoot with some girlfriends- doing various tricks, blowing lots of smoke etc ;-)


2014-10-16 19:54:39
what about some speed smoking and extreme/intense smoking scnes...??
maybe 2 girls speeding smoke...like a race...

another sugest...girls feeding other girls...or girls sharing the same cigarete, holding for another girl take the drags...this turns me on as quickly as i can imagine...do it for us...
2014-10-10 18:59:18
PP Please more latex smoking with very high platform shoes.Thank you.
2014-09-24 04:12:09
You are the most beautiful smoker on the planet!
Please produce many more videos smoking Eve 120s. So Sexy!!
2014-09-11 07:19:09
Szia Ferenc! Thanks so much! :) OK but I do it in almost every vids. But if You want more, Okayyy! ;) I like it too! :)
2014-09-11 06:48:23
Hi sexy Abbie,
UR beautiful. Amasing.
Pls. more Open Mounth Inhale.
2014-09-08 13:14:21
Hi Stevo! Thanks!! :)
2014-09-08 13:10:44
Hi David! Yeah it's suxx, but I have now New youtube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRVf35fiaMkhQw-mpHCZXxQ
David Olson
2014-09-08 04:00:06
Sry about the Utube delete Cat' I miss it already. Suxx. Guess I will just have to re-subscribe sooner now! tc, D.O. p.s. Lovely vids dear :))
2014-09-04 04:15:42
WOW!....You Are As Sexy As It Gets! Girl...WHEW!!BRAVO!
Very Nice Site! very well Done..
2014-08-09 19:20:08
Please could some of the models wear pvc/latex and very high platform shoes while smoking.Thank you.
2014-07-31 05:40:35
hi abbie im a big fan and was wondering if you could do a Big Cigar that won't lightup outside for you video where you try to light it for over 6 minutes but nothing happens because your lighter wont ignite?
2014-07-08 04:01:22
I'd love to see Abbie and her girls doing some light ups in a car with a car lighter and some good lighting, where the smoke swirls everywhere.
2014-07-04 21:50:47
Hi Thomas!
Many thanks! :)))
2014-07-04 21:49:37
Hi Frank!
Thanks!! You will see more erotic vids very very soon!! ;)
2014-07-04 21:48:10
Hi Craig!
Thanks so much!! So kind of you! :))
2014-06-24 00:11:23
Your smoking is so georgeous seductive and sensual. Beautiful women smoking is the best. Great job to all. I'm hooked.
frank earnest
2014-06-12 00:17:59
Love the nude and sexual smoking scenes
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