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Latest Updates:  Smoking - Alexa Nose Exhales!Trampling - CBT in PVC Boots! 

Welcome to my Fetish site! My name is Abbie and mostly I perform of these clips. Of course You can see many other models too!
If You Join, You can see:
- 4 New Smoking Clips/Week!
- SMOKING:      720+ Exclusive FULL HD Videos, 250+ in REAL 3D also!
- TRAMPLING: 150+ Exclusive FULL HD Videos, 120+ in REAL 3D also!
- Over 200 Downloadable PHOTOS
- Over 30 Beautiful Models
- You can DOWNLOAD every videos (High speed downloading!)
- Also can watch them without downloading
- They are playable on Mobile phone, Tablet, PC etc..
Every each video is in more formats
- Every videos are in
Full HD formats, You can choose: MP4, WMV, Mpeg2, MOV.. Or Real 3D also!
- You can Join for 1 month
also, It's NON-Recurring! Of course You can join as many months as You want!
- If You want to buy just 1-2 or a few clips, Click here: Clips4sale

- You can see many kinds of smoking videos!: Normal smoking in clothes, Smoking in sexy lingeries, in LATEX, PVC, Hot topless smoking, Nude smoking, Masturbating; BlowJob; Sex and smoking, Outside and inside smoking, StripTease smoking, Smoking FemDom, Human Ashtray, Cigar Smoking, ETC...
Below You can see
4 trailers from many scenes!
- Other Fetishes: Trampling, Food and object Crush, Foot Fetish..

We are shooting in REAL 3D FULL HD (also)!
You can find already Many of 3D clips on this site, but from now on, we shoot EVERY clips in 3D FULL HD also!

NOT converted 3D, we record it with
Professional 3D Sony Camera! Side by Side technology, It is playable on every 3D Devices, passive and active glasses!


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2015-09-28 14:37:33
Hi Nick! Thank you, Im happy you like my site and me! :) I don't know what you mean exactly, but yes I have many! ;) xoxo
2015-09-03 22:48:45
hello Cat,
You are Real Godness!!
I've never smoked but do not know why when I look at You and Your beautiful models smoking (especially Candy and Lauren).... I really really like it :)
2015-08-08 17:24:22
Hii abbie, first and foremost, kudos to you for your amazing effort in putting together this incredible web site. As you can probably see from my tumblr i'ma big fan of slow thick not inhaled wafting..its really sexy when done properly. i was wondering if you have in your website and/or if it was possible to have a video done from you , or again if you are perfoming on webcams.
Thnak you for everything you do.
Nick xoxox
2015-07-11 21:05:10
Hi Rick! Thank You sooo much!! :)
Rick Dennis
2015-06-12 21:53:18
Congratulations on 500 vids.
2015-06-12 19:46:20
Hi There!
We are Over the 500 smoking fetish videos!! Thank you so much you've been here!
Love You all! :)
2015-05-28 15:29:43
I love You
2015-05-16 01:40:03
Hobitov Baginsov
2015-05-07 19:57:42
Your videos is verry good.
2015-04-28 19:46:53
Hi Ali! Thank you so much, very kind of you! :) :*
2015-04-26 15:11:36
Hi Abbie,

ur absolutely amazing !i love your videos
lot of kisses i love u !
2015-04-23 20:52:32
Hi Abbie,
more blowjobs in gloves please
Vincent Hutter
2015-04-17 21:28:55
Abbie Cat, ur the sexiest Woman i have ever seen smoke! WOW!

This INHALE.... so Godly!

I wish you comeback at Livejasmin... i take you pvt all day and give u smoke tips there! Please comeback!
2015-04-11 19:10:17
Hi Simon and Gabriel! I'm very happy you liked it, of course I will do more of them!! ;) Many kisses! :)
2015-04-07 20:44:26
Hi Abbie, you really are incredible.Your latest video is absolutely the best POV video I've seen!Your makeup, your clothing, your gloves are really the best
I hope that in the future will add more POV blowjobs in 3D (obviously with gloves)!!
Thanks goddess of beauty!
2015-04-07 11:01:43
Thanks Abbie!!!!! Latest blowjob in real 3d It's really awesome!!
You really are a woman beautiful and fascinating!!
More please!!
2015-03-27 22:37:50
Heyy Gabriel! Thanks so much, You will see it next week!! ;)
2015-03-26 21:41:10
Hi Abbie, your video "Sucking and smoking cigar!" is fantastic!!!(lucky guy). POV blowjob in Real 3d are incredible.I hope you will want to add more maybe in pvc gloves!!! I'm a fanatic of gloves, especially pvc.... Thanks Abbie you really are beautiful!!! Add more 3d videos in pvc please :)))
2015-03-25 21:22:06
Hi Simon! Thanks!! :) Okay, I'm on it!! ;)
2015-03-24 20:29:09
Please abbie, add more videos in 3d, gloves videos pov are amazing!!
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